First Day of Market June 3, 2023

2023 vendors are lining up!

Twisted River Farm

Twisted River Farm is a three acre market farm in Mitchell, IA. We grow vegetables, herbs, microgreens and flowers using organic practices, semi-year round. We offer our produce and cut flowers through our CSA program, local grocery stores, farmers markets and local restaurants.

North Iowa Freeze Dried

We started with our freeze dryer a few years ago in order to supplement our canning and freezing the harvest from our garden and fruit trees. We started making meals for camping and backpacking when someone said we should try skittles. That led us down the rabbit hole and into freeze drying candy.

Purple Ribbon Beef

Purple Ribbon Beef is a multigenerational, family owned farm. We pride ourselves on raising premium beef from birth to plate. We pay careful attention to every detail as we raise the beef because that is what makes the difference. We want you to enjoy your beef so don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions. We look forward to meeting you.

Mary had a little goat

Goat milk soap, lotion bars, lip balm, and cupcakes

Mason City Farmers Market

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